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Assault & Violent Crimes

DC Assault Laywers

Crimes of violence in the District of Columbia include, but are not limited to, Assault, Assault on a Police Officer, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Assault while Armed, Assault with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon, Assault with Significant Injuries, Assault with Intent to Kill, Threats, Kidnapping, Robbery, Second Degree Murder, and First Degree Murder.  These offense range from misdemeanor offenses with 180 day and/or $1,000 fine maximum penalties, to major felonies that could carry 30 year to life sentences.

Individuals charged with crimes of violence have a lot at stake.  It is critical that anyone being investigated for or charged with a crime of violence retain an experienced and competent Washington, DC criminal defense attorney.  

These cases often involve numerous witnesses, including the alleged victim, and time is of the essence.  Evidence and witnesses disappear quickly so it is critical that someone charged with a crime of violence retain a defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure that the necessary investigation takes place in a timely manner.

Sean J. Farrelly ensures that no stone goes unturned when investigating crimes of violence.  After completing an extensive and thorough investigation we will advise our clients of their options and what the recommended course of action will be moving forward.  Whether resolving the case through a plea bargain or trial, Sean will represent each client with tenacity while striving to deliver the best possible result in every case.  

Sean vigorously represents all of his clients charged with assault & other violent crimes.  Please contact Sean to schedule a consultation to discuss your assault or violent crime case.



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