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Civil Protection Orders

Civil Protection Order Lawyers DC

Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) can have a drastic effect on an individuals life.  The court can order any number of conditions in a CPO.  These conditions can include stay away orders from individuals and places as well as significant limitations on an individual's ability to see and communicate with their children.  Further, an individual found to be in violation of a CPO can be held in contempt of court and charged with criminal contempt, carrying up to 180 days in jail.  Despite the harsh ramifications of a CPO, they are necessary tools for the court to utilize in situations where a person's safety or well being is jeopardized by a former partner or spouse's harassing, stalking, threatening, or abusive behavior.

Because the stakes are so high in any CPO matter, it is imperative whether you are filing a petition for a CPO or defending against such a petition, that you consult with and hire a skilled and experienced Washington, DC Civil Protection Order attorney.

Sean J. Farrelly aggressively represents all of his clients either filing petitions for, or defending against, a Civil Protection Order.  Please contact Sean to schedule a consultation to discuss your Civil Protection Order case.


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