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Drug Possession & Distribution

Drug Distribution and Possession Lawyers DC

In the District of Columbia the most common offenses are those that involve the possession or distribution of drugs.  These offense range from misdemeanor possession charges carrying a maximum of 180 days in prison to major felony distribution charges that can carry up to 30 years in prison.  The government will decide what charges to bring against an individual based upon the amount of drugs involved, the type of drugs involved, and whether the individual being charged is believed to have engaged in the distribution or manufacture of the drugs.  It is critical that an individual charged with any drug offense in the District hire a skilled and experienced Washington, DC drug offense defense attorney to fight the charges.  Often times, a skilled defense attorney is able to negotiate drastically reduced charges and penalties and in some cases reduce felony charges to misdemeanors.  

In addition, most drug offense cases arise from the search of an individual's person, automobile or home.  Often times, law enforcement officers violate an individual's constitutional rights when conducting these searches.  In some cases, a skilled Washington, DC drug offense defense attorney is able to suppress drug evidence due to these constitutional violations.  

Sean J. Farrelly aggressively defends all of his clients charged with drug offenses.  Please contact Sean to schedule a consultation to discuss your drug offense case.


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