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Fake ID/Misrepresentation of Age

DC Fake ID/Misrepresentation of Age Lawyer

When underage individuals are caught by law enforcement using false identification to purchase alcohol or to enter a Washington, DC bar, nightclub or liquor store, the consequences could be severe.  The maximum penalty for the misdemeanor offense of misrepresentation of age is a $300 fine and/or a drivers license suspension of 90 days if convicted.  In addition, there has been a recent push by DC Law Enforcement to notify the suspect's local college or university if the suspect is a student.  

Due to the serious consequences related to using false identification it is extremely important that anyone arrested for this offense contact a skilled and experienced Washington, DC defense lawyer immediately.  An experienced DC defense lawyer may be able to dispose of the charges without conviction by negotiating a diversion agreement with the government.  The agreement would most likely include the completion of community service as well as the payment of up to $200 in court costs.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for fake ID/misrepresentation of age please contact Sean J. Farrelly for a full and free consultation in order to discuss your case and what to expect moving forward.


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