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In the District of Columbia there are numerous types of sex crimes.  The majority of sex crimes in the District fall under the umbrella of sex abuse.  First through fourth degree sex abuse are felony offenses, with penalties ranging from 5 years to life in prison.  In addition, misdemeanor sex abuse carries a maximum penalty of 180 days in prison.  Aside from sex abuse, sex crimes can also include, but are not limited to, indecent exposure, lewd acts and possession of child pornography. These offenses are prosecuted in the District of Columbia by both state and federal authorities.  

Regardless of what specific offense an individual is charged with, anyone charged with a sex crime is facing significant penalties and long lasting consequences.  In addition to imprisonment, many sex crime convictions require individuals to register as sex offenders and can result in a life long social stigma.  It is imperative that an individual facing sex crime charges contact a highly skilled Washington, DC sex crimes defense attorney to represent them.  

Sean J. Farrelly aggressively represents all of his clients charged with sex crimes.  Please contact Sean to schedule a consultation to discuss your sex crimes case.

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