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Washington, DC law enforcement agencies routinely stage sting operations to entrap individuals and charge them with solicitation and prostitution.  These law enforcement agencies utilize under cover officers posing as both prostitutes and patrons in order to try and trick individuals for the purpose of arresting them for solicitation for prostitution.  Even those individuals who have no intention of entering into sex for money agreements find themselves in the back of police cars in handcuffs due to an under cover officers entrapment.  In addition to these under cover operations, law enforcement officers also employ numerous other tactics in an effort to arrest individuals alleged to have engaged in solicitation for prostitution.  Individuals who are charged with solicitation for prostitution need a trained Washington, DC prostitution defense attorney to combat the government's use of these methods and defend their rights in court.  

Sean J. Farrelly aggressively represents all of his clients charged with prostitution & solicitation in DC.  Please contact Sean to schedule a consultation to discuss your prostitution case.

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